Trade Show Exhibiting Made Easy!

How to market by exhibiting at Trade Shows, and turn your wholesaling efforts into a turnkey, money-making, client-generating machine!  

Discover how to:

  • Explode your prospect database, nabbing hundreds of leads in a couple days!
  • Generate dozens of new wholesale customers!
  • Double, even triple, your average wholesale order!
  • Remove the anxiety of investing thousands of dollars in a single event!
  • Make more profits in your wholesale (and retail) product marketing business!

From the trade show booth of ‘Gift Rep Sandy’ Dell!

Greetings, and welcome to one of the most fun and exciting methods of wholesale marketing to retailers!

Trade shows – wholesale marketplaces where suppliers exhibit for the benefit of ‘buyers’ - represent an opportunity which is grossly misunderstood, and poorly executed by most small businesses. They are generally time consuming, physically and mentally draining, and can be very EXPENSIVE!

But they are also energizing and VERY profitable – especially considering the relatively short investment of time and effort. In fact, the return on investment can be off the charts, and keep your business machine purring like a Mercedes… if you discover how to optimize your time and resources, and plan accordingly!

(PS For some businesses, trade show marketing represents over 90% of their marketing effort!)

The Ugly Truth About Trade Show Marketing

If you are like me (the first time I exhibited), you are apprehensive about dropping thousands of dollars – months ahead of time - into an event at a location you’ve maybe never even been to. And then on show day, you anticipate dealing with the mayhem of loading, shipping, unloading, and setting up your booth. THEN hoping and praying people show up and you do the right things to get sales (and not add the indignity of coming home with your proverbial tail between your legs)!

Booth location is CRITICAL! Do your due diligence, or you will be pouring your investment of thousands of dollars down the drain!
(Photo courtesy of Buyers Market of American Craft)

So MANY things you can do wrong BEFORE the show, for example:

  • Contract for a poor booth location 
  • Signage 
  • Wrong “category” of the show 
  • Failure to pre-market effectively 
  • Inadequate or even repellent presentation 
  • Shipping inventory and display materials to the WRONG location (not what you think!) 
  • Not planning for your comfort, nutrition, and health 

At the show things can even be worse, if you don’t know what to say, or did not plan the correct materials for leads and/or sales, or your layout does NOT WORK! Horrors!

After all, hundreds or thousands of prospective buyers will walk PAST your booth in the coming days. And on a given day of the show, each will visit an average of 30 booths (and 15 of those they already know before they arrive at the show!).

​With multiple categories and hundreds of thousands of potential booth locations, it is critical that you do your homework, and reserve a spot early to get a great location that will maximize your success!
(Photo courtesy of Buyers Market of American Craft)

Of course, you will want to use your pre-marketing to becoming one of those 15 “must see” booths, and do your job AT the show, to get a piece of the other 15 they will visit. Which you will find out how to do in my newest eGuide, “Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets!” … But I don’t want to let too much out of the bag yet.

And getting back to potential mistakes, the BIGGEST and MOST COMMON bugaboo of them all: Not following up with leads AFTER the show!


As “Gift Rep Sandy” I had spent over a year repping for clients, before exhibiting at my first show in Oregon - the Portland Gift Show – one of the smaller regional gift trade shows at the time... That was year 2002. Because of my research, and attending trainings on effective exhibiting, I did very well. In fact, we won the prestigious “New Exhibitor of the Year” award. (Find out how and why by getting a copy of my eGuide!)

With a successful sales background in this industry, and deep understanding of my customers and what they want, I had an advantage of course. But what I found through that show, and subsequent shows, is that trade show success is really a SYSTEM, and has very little to do with a sales personality.

Actually, your system should be built around your own personality… you need a system that supports and complements the folks working your booth – especially YOU!

This is the main reason I wrote, and now offer to you, “Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets!” … to take the mystery out building the operational and marketing systems that will make YOU successful. And get a great return on your trade show investment!

​Malcolm and I attended our first wholesale trade show in Portland during the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commemoration!

Here we are in our 'special' Sacajawea and Meriwether Lewis costumes we wore to the Portland Gift Show.  We won the 'Special Recognition Booth Award' (holding the ribbon in the picture)!!

Here is some of the interesting and critical information you will discover in this amazing resource:

  • How trade shows differ from “retail” shows! 
  • The wholesale trade show “business model”! 
  • Top ten benefits of investing in a trade show! 
  • Who are the typical exhibitors and attendees! 
  • Reasons why YOU need to circulate AT the show yourself! 
  • What to look for in an ideal booth location! (And what to AVOID!!) 
  • The absolute best time to reserve your booth! 
  •  How to choose the right category or section of the show! 
  • Non-exhibiting benefits of being in a show! 
  • Hidden expenses! 
  • Most critical and effective pre-marketing tactics! -- And which ones to avoid!! 
  • Exhibiting costs and budgeting! 
  • Choosing the right show, and the importance of scouting! 
  • What to wear! (The answer will surprise you!) 
  • How to configure your booth for optimizing YOUR presentation! 
  • Signage (most businesses get this very wrong!) 
  • My top ten BEST marketing tactics for show success! 
  • Building your display (and the importance of trial set-up prior to the show)! 
  • Questions to ask BEFORE you register and choose a booth! 
  • What to do if the show is “juried”! 
  • Security and sanitation issues! 
  • Best “At The Show” marketing tactics (and options for your presentation)! 
  • How to “triage” buyers, prospects, and tire kickers…and get the most from each group! 
  • A blueprint for follow-up after the show! (Worth the price of this eGuide all by itself!) 
  • And much, much more! 

The Ultimate Quick Start to Wholesaling

As a successful sales rep of 14 years and growing, and a veteran of multiple shows, I’ve sold product, mostly giftwares and gourmet foods, to over 320 retailers, and called on, or met at trade shows, over 1400.

Once you’ve got a handful of wholesale accounts under your belt (so you understand what retailers are looking for and how to talk to them), NOTHING offers a quicker path to a profitable level of wholesale accounts than trade shows.

And this guide, written by someone who has been there… is YOUR fastest path to understanding the steps needed to create success with your wholesale trade show preparation and marketing.

Don't risk blowing thousands on a show, until you know how to milk EVERY drop of opportunity from your investment, time, and presence there!!

Available only as a digital download… instructions for getting your copy will be emailed to you shortly after payment! (… including bonus materials, see below!)


​With people rushing by, it might seem easy to get your share... but you MUST have a strategy for getting prospective buyers to stop and look!​
(Photo courtesy of Buyers Market of American Craft)

So what is the investment in Gift Rep Sandy's eGuide on Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets?

A colleage who markets online suggested I should price my eGuide at $97. However, I know with all the other expenses involved with growing a business, many people like you, that I am trying to help grow a business, will decline to invest. I finally decided on $37, which I think is within reach of anyone serious about growing a business.

Note: We use a PayPal merchant system to accept payments. However YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Simply click on the link where it says “Don’t have a PayPal account?” or something similar, and you will be able purchase using any of the four major credit cards.

Oh, and I almost forgot!

We have a very nice bonuses for you, with purchase:

A comprehensive list of trade shows in dozens of industry categories! (and where to find even more!)

PS Last thing! We also publish another advanced wholesale marketing eGuide titled, “How to Find, Recruit, and Manage Independent Sales Reps!”

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All for today… looking forward to meeting you on the inside!

Happy Profits!

‘Gift Rep Sandy’ Dell