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“Following the one of Sandy’s many tips (listed in the Trade Show Exhibiting Secrets eGuide), we dressed as Angels and included our trade show booth number on the back of our wings. We were a great success, and now people take photos of us at the shows!”

YouTube video clip of her outfit. 

 --Karen Borga, Signs of Angels




"Tradeshow Exhibiting Secrets was a great resource in preparing for my first tradeshow and I know I will use it extensively again to make my next tradeshow even better"

-- Andrea Butter
Maui by Design
Patch of Shade




I purchased your books last month as I prepped for my first show. I am an entrepreneur and this was my first trade show. I made smart, educated decisions about booth design,  marketing and even made sure I had lots of product. …


You'll be proud to know I DID follow much of your advice from (your eguide) I purchased:


*Designed the booth with the customer in mind. Giving a lot of floor space and generating a high interest booth. We had comfortable stools for attendees to sit - and we didn't.


*Mailed and emailed flyers with specials to potential buyers/ - I had one come with promo flyer for her free sample set, purchased materials and stayed to share distributor info! I also offered one of my temp staff the opportunity in the 3 weeks prior that if she visited local spas & shops and they purchased/ordered within a specific length of time, she could earn a commission (and of course, I used one of your contracts!)


*I also offered "Show specials" which include limited time (during that show only) free shipping or 10-15% off large orders.


*Followed up with emails 2 weeks ago - had 2 companies who were NOT attending invite me to pitch in person when I return!!


*Posted on twitter, pinterest and linked in - lot's of likes and exposure. Also was highlighted (for free!!) in their trade magazine for the "newest natural" product on the market :-)


*Placed a "We're growing! Reps & Distributors wanted" sign - someone actually went online saw my website, and approached my staff.


Denise Zannu

Black Mermaid's Hancrafted Soap & Products